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The Limitations of Science

The word science means knowledge and can be used to refer to any and all kinds of knowledge. However, when we speak of science we usually are talking about the natural sciences – biology, chemistry, etc. This is how I use the word “science” in this article.

We all have or at least should have a great appreciation for science. It certainly has improved human life. When we take a nostalgic look back and speak of the good old days, we are not thinking about living without all the wonderful advancements of modern science. Science has made life easier, safer, and longer.

Science does, however, have its limitations. Science deals only with the natural world. In the very nature of the case it cannot deal with the supernatural. It’s absurd to think otherwise. Science deals with the natural – not the supernatural. The supernatural is another whole realm of realty. Is there a God? Science cannot answer – angels, devils, miracles? Science has no answer.

Science is only one limited field of knowledge. God has blessed man with a great intellectual capacity. An intellectual capacity that not only is capable of the scientific advancements we have witnessed in the modern world but is not limited to that field of knowledge. There are other whole realms of truth that man is able to understand and know.

It is when science steps outside its field of expertise that it gets into trouble – for example creation. Webster defines creation: “The act of creating; esp: the act of bringing the world into being from nothing.” Natural Science cannot speak to the problem of something from nothing – it is totally outside the natural realm. Furthermore, there is no need to ask a scientist about such things as: God or angels or devils or miracles or heaven or hell – these are all outside his field of expertise.





Imagine waking up one day and seeing a shiny new digital camera on the floor. You notice that it has a tiny opening, called an aperture, that lets in light. The aperture is covered by a shutter, which regulates the length of time light is allowed though the aperture. The camera also has a lens to focus the image, and a memory card to store the image. What would you think if your science teacher said that your camera simply evolved by time and chance? Even though it looks like it has been designed and it works perfectly, you are asked to believe that the camera had no designer or creator, but is the product of evolution. Such a thought is absurd. No sane person would argue that your new camera evolved naturally over millions of years. Likewise, no one can rightly conclude that the human eye is the product of evolution.

The truth is, your sense of sight is a blessing from God, and it is evidence of His existence. Doctors have studied it for centuries, and are awestruck by its complex design. The human eye is far better than any camera. So much so that even Charles Darwin had to admit: “To suppose that the eye…could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest sense.”

Eric Lyons

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