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Eastern European Mission

A while back the political crisis in the country of Ukraine was front page news. But the crisis there has been overshadowed by Isis, eboli and the mid-term election. However, for the people of Ukraine the tumult there continues. Of course, the Ukraine is on the other side of the world, but people are people no matter where they are, and some of them are our brothers and sisters in Christ. And in addition to that, as God’s people, we should be very much concerned about the evangelistic efforts there.

While the work of Eastern European Mission is not limited to the Ukraine, the work there is a major part of their efforts. Probably you already know, but in case some of us do not, they have been able to provide Bibles and other religious literature in many of the public schools in that country. Furthermore, the study of the Bible has been made a part of the curriculum of the public schools. What a door the Lord has opened for the spread of the gospel!

We are invited to the Eastern European Mission benefit dinner on Tuesday, November 18, 2014. It will be a buffet dinner and program at the South Fork Church of Christ in their Event Center. In addition to a good meal and an opportunity to fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ, it will be an opportunity to get the inside information on how our brethren are doing and how the evangelistic work is progressing. And even more, we will have the privilege to be a part of this great work by making a financial gift.

If you plan to attend the dinner, please sign the signup sheet in the back hall so that we may notify them as to how many will be attending.


Prayers for Ukraine

Join us in prayer for Ukraine, Russia, the European nations and the U.S. The message of Christ continues to set us free and people are seeking Him amidst the geopolitical crisis that is currently going on in Ukraine.

We have heard that prayers are being answered and many are seeking Christ. A local minister in Ukraine sent us this photo of a baptism taking place, while tanks and armed soldiers occupied the streets and buildings surrounding their church and small arms fire and explosions could be heard just a few hundred yards away. Their faith is being played out on a very real battlefield and we are humbled by their resolve.

Please continue to pray for these nations and that God’s light will continue to shine in the dark places. For more information about EEM, please visit us at eem.org/about.


Eastern European Mission provides the Bible to the people of Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe. On average, EEM translates, prints nd delivers 160 Bibles every day. Every month, Every year. To the field. And this does not include the thousands of Bibles placed in the public schools. EEM needs Field Partners to make this happen.

Please consider becoming an EEM Field Partner and join hundreds of other individuals and churches that are already committed to a monthly gift. Your monthly gift of $20, $50, $100 or more will not only provide Bibles, it will help EEM better cover expenses as they occur. EEM begins printing Bibles early in the year to meet the needs, but as is typical with non-profits, their gifts come in later in the year. This inverse correlation puts an added strain on the ministry. A monthly gift helps alleviate that issue.

EEM thanks you in advance for your partnership. Visit www.eem.org/give/field-partners to sign up.