• Jesus is Coming

    The Bible has three primary themes: Jesus is coming, Jesus is here, and Jesus is coming back. From the book of Genesis through Malachi, we find the first of these […]

  • Our Hope and Our Future

    Having a plan for the future can give us great comfort. While we should trust that God will take care of our needs and is always in control (James 4:15), […]

  • Things You Need to Know

    The life of a faithful Christian will inevitably be filled with spiritual highs and lows. We will experience moments of strong faith intermixed with moments of weakness and unfortunate stumbling. […]

  • Vacation Bible School Success!

    VBS was a great success! For three days, 31 children heard lessons about the miracles of Jesus and learned how to apply those lessons in their lives. Kids sang, made […]

  • Are You Willing to Proclaim the Gospel?

    We are all commanded to share the gospel message with the world. Jesus told His disciples, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” (Mark 16:15), […]

  • True Repentance

    One necessary step in becoming a Christain is repentance. A person must repent of sin, that is, to turn away from sin and turn toward God to have those sins […]

  • Beginnings Require Change

    Beginnings involve change. Whether we begin a new job, a new relationship, or a new phase of life completely, change always plays a part. Spiritual beginnings are no different, and […]

  • Gifts Not Under the Tree

    During this wonderful time of year, many of us will spend hours, weeks, or even months planning and finding the perfect gift for a loved one. We will then find […]

  • Nehemiah’s Prayer

    We can learn much by studying the prayers of the faithful, recorded in God’s word. For example, in Nehemiah 2, when confronted by King Artaxerxes about his “sad” appearance, Nehemiah […]

  • God Never Moved

    The book of Ezra is all about repairing and restoring a relationship with God. After more than a generation of captivity, the Israelites finally returned to Jerusalem and returned to […]