A Happy Home

Isaac and Rebekah were a perfect match. In Genesis 24, Abraham’s servant is guided by God’s providential hand in choosing a bride for his master’s son Isaac. Rebekah is willing to leave her family and travel many miles to the home of her soon to be husband, who comes from an extremely wealthy and God-fearing family. For twenty years, Isaac prayed to the Lord to bless his wife with a child, and surprisingly, she had twins. Isaac loves Rebekah, finds her attractive, and their home is extremely blessed by God.

Decades later, things have changed. The marriage is divided as Rebekah favors her son Jacob while Isaac favors Esau. In Genesis 27, Rebekah commands Jacob to repeatedly lie to her husband (his father) and steal Isaac’s blessing from Esau. A marriage that began so well has nearly fallen apart.

Maintaining a healthy, loving, and God-centered marriage is the responsibility of every Christian couple. Things change over time and life’s circumstances evolve; but God’s word gives perfect marriage advice for every situation. No matter what stage of life you are in, take a few moments to read God’s instructions for a healthy marriage in Ephesians 5. If we all sincerely apply God’s word to our homes, surely we will do better than Isaac and Rebekah.

Matt Langfield