TheBible.Net – Online articles
Focus Press – Publishes materials based on the inspired Word of God, including Think magazine.
Seek the Old Paths – A monthly publication of the Leoni Church of Christ, Woodbury, Tennessee. A wealth of articles published since 1989 are available. Other Bible Study Aids including video sermons, radio broadcasts, and more are available.

Bible Search Tools

Bible Gateway – A great tool for Bible searches. Can look up passages and search by keywords in verses. Also can perform topical searches.
eSword – The Sword of the LORD with an electronic edge

Christian Evidences

Apologetics Press – Has numerous resources about Christian evidences as well as other topics.
Warren Flew Debate – Debate on the existence of God


Introducing The Church of Christ – Learn what the Scriptures say about the one church built by Christ.
World Bible School – World Bible School is an easy way to discover purpose from the Bible.

Radio, TV, Online Programs

Biblical Viewpoints – The purpose of this televised program and accompanying website is to point people to the Scriptures for the answers to their religious questions.
Arise to Truth – A program that airs twice a week to answer the teaching of false doctrine and to “earnestly contend for the faith” (Jude 3).
Focus on Truth – Video library of nearly 500 programs offers its internet viewers two types of programs: Discussion and Interviews. Included are four series formats: Bible Teaching, Problems of Sins, Inspirational Programs and Relationships.

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