A Healthy Church

What comes to mind when you think about the word “healthy”? Maybe you picture a plate of food like broccoli or fresh fruit. Perhaps you imagine a person exercising by jogging or lifting weights.

What about the word “unhealthy,” what sort of images come to mind now? Maybe you quickly think of different and more delicious foods like hamburgers or Butterfinger candy bars. Perhaps the person you see in your mind is sedentary or even lazy.

Now, which would you prefer to be? This should not be a difficult question to answer. Regardless of the decisions we have made in our lives or the foods we might love to eat, all of us would prefer to be healthy.

Finally, do you want to be a part of a healthy or unhealthy church? Do you want to be a member of a congregation that is strong, growing, and active or one that is sluggish or even careless?

Just like with our physical health, all of us should want to be members of a healthy church, and we need to do our part to be sure that is the case. This morning we will study more about how important this is, what it means, and how we can improve our congregational health.

Matt Langfield