A Mother’s Special Role

Thankfully, God designed mothers to have a very special role in our lives. Generally speaking, they are lovingly aware of our needs, relentlessly protective, and willing to do whatever is necessary to keep us healthy and safe.

In Mark chapter 7, we read of a unique encounter between Jesus and the mother of a young demon-possessed girl. The woman recognizes how desperate her daughter’s situation is and wastes no time in finding Jesus. Mark tells us that “after hearing of Him,” she “immediately came and fell at His feet” (Mark 7:25). She knows that Jesus and His healing power are what her little girl needs more than anything else.

After getting His attention, she refuses to let it go. We read that “she kept asking Him to cast the demon out of her daughter” (Mark 7:26). She would not be ignored or take no for an answer. She will not stop until her daughter is made well.

Finally, we see that she is even persistent enough to argue with the Son of God. While Jesus initially refuses to help, her daughter is healed because of the mother’s response (Mark 7:27-30).

This passage gives us a beautiful and powerful description of what God has designed mothers to be. Who else was willing and even compelled to do what this woman did? She knew what was needed, was relentless in her efforts, and would do whatever was necessary to care for and protect her little girl.

Matt Langfield