A Perfect Picture

For the last six years or so, since Julie and I have been blessed with children, we have both taken a lot (many thousands) of pictures. From time to time, we will look down at the camera and realize that we have captured a picture that appears to be “perfect.” The moment, setting, lighting, colors, and smiles all work together as if by our design.

The Bible is filled with moments, events, people, and concepts that illustrate lessons for us today. One of the “perfect pictures” captured for us by God is baptism.

Baptism is a perfect picture of obedience. When we choose to obey God’s word and go down into the waters of baptism, we are reminded of Christ’s unending obedience to the Father. Jesus was obedient even to the point of physical death on the cross.

Baptism is a perfect picture of death. When we are baptized, we are immersed or buried in water, and our old life comes to an end. After His ultimate act of obedience, Christ’s ministry was complete; His body was buried and sealed in the tomb.

Baptism is a perfect picture of the resurrection. Moments after we are buried in water, our physical body is brought back to the surface, and we are reminded that death is not the end of our story. Christ was raised from His grave and ultimately ascended into heaven, not just leaving the tomb behind, but leaving this world for His eternal home.

 Matt Langfield