Are We Caring for the Kingdom?

It has been over six months since the elders presented our theme for the year:  “Caring for the Kingdom.” On several occasions, we have considered this theme’s meaning and how we should be a part of it. We have discussed the church’s spiritual and physical needs and our role in setting goals to better care for these needs.

As we are now more than halfway through the year, are we caring for the kingdom? Are we doing more for the body of Christ, for the church, and in preparation for our eternity than we were before?

Please carefully consider the following easy-to-answer questions:

Our Own Spiritual Needs

Are we studying the Bible more and learning more about God’s word? Are we attending more Sunday morning and Wednesday evening Bible classes than in the past? Have we determined to attend worship services more faithfully? Has our faith grown, and does it continue to grow?

The Physical and Spiritual Needs of Others

Are we caring for the physical needs of others more? Are we visiting with the sick or homebound more? Have we sent more cards or notes and made more phone calls to other members? Have we intentionally been encouraging our brothers and sisters in Christ?

Setting goals is valuable, but only if we are moving toward reaching those goals. We all need to determine where we are, where we want to go, and how willing we are to get there. Are we caring for the kingdom?

Matt Langfield