Be Thankful!

It is easy to look around us and see many of the problems that might cause us heartache. Regardless of our political, economic, or cultural views, Christians do not fit well in the world.

Each year, in this country, we are reminded of our blessings, and we are reminded to give thanks to God for those blessings. Today it may seem impossible that our nation’s leaders would create or add such a holiday and tradition to our calendar, but in 1941 that is what occurred.

Our country and our society may not be what we would choose first, but this is the country we have been given as a blessing from God. In this country, we still enjoy many freedoms, again, blessings from God. In this country, we enjoy relative safety, and thankfully we are still able to worship God according to His word; what incredible blessings these are.

Today and this week, I want to encourage you, instead of focusing on or even becoming discouraged by politics, society, or culture, to be thankful to God for the blessings that we still enjoy. Everything that we have is nothing more than a blessing from God; remember to be thankful!

 Matt Langfield