Belonging to God

God has always demonstrated great love and concern for His people. In the Old Testament, we read that God blessed Abraham, the Israelites (a nation of people), and so many others in extraordinary ways. But as blessed as those people were, nothing compares to the blessings of being God’s people today.

As Christians, we are God’s possession. Even more than being His people, we fully belong to Him, having been “bought with a price” (1 Corinthians 6:20). Through Christ’s blood shed on the cross, Christians have been redeemed or purchased by God.

As Christians, we are God’s children. The Bible tells us that when we are saved or born again, we become adopted children of God. As wonderful as it is to be “God’s people,” being part of God’s family and His household is even better.

Finally, as Christians, we have the good news of the gospel fully revealed. We live during a time when God has revealed to us, through His word, the once-concealed gospel plan. We are able to understand and experience promises of God that were never fully explained to Moses, the Israelite nation, the prophets of the Old Testament, or even angels in heaven (1 Peter 1:12). While God has always shown His love and concern for His people, Christians experience His care and blessings in very special ways.

Matt Langfield