Bible Correspondence Course

In order to promote Bible knowledge, we would like for each member of the congregation to help us promote our Bible Correspondence Course entitled “Getting to Know Jesus.”  The course contains twenty lessons on the life of Christ.  Each lesson requires reading selections from the Bible followed by multiple choice questions.  There are appropriate comments to help the student better understand what he/she reads.

This course is a home study handled by mail in the privacy of each student’s home.  This allows each person to work at their own pace.  The course is FREE.

There is a brochure to be used in promoting this Bible course.  It is entitled: “Can You Answer these Questions.”  The brochure contains 25 questions on the life of Christ.  When anyone answers the 25 questions and returns them to us, we will grade and return them along with the first lessons of the course.   We hope that each of you will take some of the brochures and give them out to friends, co-workers, strangers, etc.  You will find the brochures in the tract racks in the front and back halls.  Take as many as you can give out – we can print more as needed.