Change for Children Report



Fifteen of the Change for Children cans have been returned. Some of them are very heavy. Others, while not so heavy, have either folding bills or checks in them. Thanks to everyone for your generosity.


I noticed that there are six cans left over. What are we to do with them? We could send them back empty or maybe just throw them away. I have a better idea. Why don’t six of us just take them home and continue to put our excess change in them for next year?


I nearly always have too much change in my pocket, so my plan is to, each day, begin with no more than four pennies, two dimes, two nickels, and one quarter in my pocket. This way I’ll have a small amount of change if I need it, but my pocket will not be weighted down with change. With the amount of change I accumulate, I am sure one can will not be enough.


You come up with your own plan. And if the six leftover cans are not enough for all of us, just put the change in a jar. On behalf of the orphans, “Thanks again for your generosity.”