Comfort in Tragedy

Tragedy in our lives should cause us to find comfort in God. One night, as Christians gathered together on the first day of the week, Paul preached an especially long sermon. As engaging as it must have been to hear the apostle deliver a message from God’s word, the late night was still too much for a “young man named Eutychus” (Acts 20:9).

The church gathered in a room on “the third floor,” and as Paul “kept on talking,” Eutychus was “sitting on the window sill, sinking into a deep sleep” (Acts 20:8-9). Tragically, he fell from the window to the ground and was “picked up dead,” but ultimately, by the power of God, he was brought back to life. In the story of Eutychus, we see God using a terrifying and tragic event to comfort the early church (Acts 20:12).

Terrible moments will be a part of our lives, and no apostle will ever take away our struggle or pain miraculously. However, God uses difficult trials to remind and teach us to find comfort in Him. When we experience tragedy, we should strive to recognize God’s caring hand, His perfect love, and extraordinary promises.