One of the greatest blessings that come with being added to the Lord’s church is being connected, and in the coming year, we plan to focus on some of what that means.

As Christians, we are connected to God. While Jesus is God’s “only begotten Son,” all Christians are adopted children of God and belong to Him. As His children, our connection to Him grows stronger through our prayer, praise, and deep study of His word.

As Christians, we are connected to God through His word. The Bible is what guides our steps, causes our faith to grow, and prepares us to spend eternity with God. The Bible describes God’s power and promises. It gives us the most important words ever written provided by God for the very purpose of drawing us closer to Him.

As Christians, we are connected to the house of God. The church is a house built by God that belongs to God. As members of the church, we are stones in God’s house, each with an important role to play, each holding an important place, and each belonging to God Himself.

Being connected to God, God’s word and God’s house is a nearly indescribable blessing. This year we will focus on being connected, strengthening our connection, and sharing that connection with the world.

Matt Langfield