David and Goliath

It is one of the most well-remembered events of the Old Testament. A young man, untrained for the battlefield but overflowing with faith in God, stands before and defeats a giant. David’s victory over Goliath is an incredible faith-building moment in Bible history.

David was completely outmatched. Goliath is described as “the champion” of the Philistine army (1 Samuel 17:23), while David is described as the youngest of eight brothers and the shepherd of his father’s flock (1 Samuel 17:12-15). King Saul urged him to wear armor and carry a sword, but David took only a sling and five smooth stones.

David was completely outnumbered. As he stood alone and ready to fight, no army was waiting at his back. David stood against Goliath and his shield-bearer while everyone expected him to lose. Goliath was never afraid, as he knew the odds were well in his favor but he became angry when he saw how young David was (1 Samuel 17:42).

David remained completely faithful. David’s victory was not because of his physical training, strength, or ability. Goliath’s defeat was not because David came before him with a band of elite soldiers ready to attack. The reason, and the only reason, that David defeated Goliath, was because, at every turn, he remained completely faithful to God.

Victory in our lives, especially our spiritual victories, will result from remaining completely faithful to God, even during the most intimidating circumstances.

Matt Langfield