Deep In Our Hearts

As Christians, we understand that the words of the Bible hold great value. They have been given to us by God to be the source of our faith (Romans 10:17), to be our guide through life (Psalm 119:105), to give us strength, and to renew our spirit (Psalm 119:25). Today we begin a new effort at North Main to commit one passage of scripture to memory each month for the remaining months of the year.

Every month a selected passage will be included in this bulletin. On the first Sunday of the month, the verses will be printed in full. As the weeks continue, words will be progressively removed to help each of us to commit that passage of scripture to memory while learning to bury and treasure it deep within our hearts.

This effort needs to be congregational. We will all be working on the same scriptures and growing in our knowledge of God’s word together. Children, teens, and adults can all memorize the selected verses.

This effort needs to be daily. Commit a few moments each day to reading, considering, and quoting the selected passage.

This effort needs to be encouraging. We should work on this together, at home with our families, or by telling our brothers and sisters in Christ when we have reached our goals.

This effort needs to build our connection to God and God’s word. Our goal is far more than memorization. Our goal is to grow closer to God while building and strengthening our faith.

Matt Langfield