What is history? We all know that it is a record of the past. The history of our nation goes back to its beginning and chronicles the events up to the present day. World history goes back even further to the very earliest records of mankind.

But what about divine history as recorded in the Bible? While it too gives us a record of past events, it adds something more – something never found in secular history. Divine history goes something like this: First, God says what is going to happen before it occurs. Second, God makes it happen. Then after having said what was going to happen before it occurred and having brought it to pass, the event is recorded. Only God could do this.

The gods of heathenism could not do what God has done. Isaiah challenged the pagan gods in these words: “Let them bring forth and show us what shall happen…Show the things that are to come hereafter, that we may know that you are gods.” (Isaiah 41:22-23)

Not only were the heathen gods unable to write history before it happened, neither can modern science. We have a great appreciation for the marvels of our scientific world – it has certainly improved human life. But science and technology are not able to do what God has done in the Bible. Only God can write history before it happens and then bring it to pass.