Do You Not Yet Understand?

In what seems like a moment of frustration with His closest disciples, Jesus asks, “Do you not yet understand?” (Mark 8:21). The men had just crossed the Sea of Galilee and were discussing among themselves “the fact that they had no bread” (Mark 8:16). Jesus, aware of this discussion, asks this perfect question to make a very important point.

They had seen Jesus miraculously provide food for thousands of people on two separate occasions. He reminded them of those events and even asked them if they remembered how many baskets of broken pieces they had picked up (Mark 8:18-20). So why are they now wondering what they will eat at their next meal?

They have everything they need to know that Jesus is the Messiah. They have seen and heard things that could only come from God. At this point, they should understand who Jesus is and what He is capable of, but they do not. Although those men did not speak, the answer to Jesus’ perfect question is “No.”

How often could Jesus consider our lives, choices, thoughts, and actions today and ask the very same question? Do we live like Christians who know and trust God every moment of our lives, not worried about the future but trusting in God to care for our needs? Do we live like Christians who know the power of God and understand that He is with us, or do we live like people who do “not yet understand?”

Matt Langfield