Empty Pews

There is no annual date on which we have authorization or divine command to remember the Lord’s resurrection; we assemble to worship God every first day of the week. While we don’t alter our worship on Easter our assembly is usually a bit different. We might have visitors who allow us to demonstrate the love of the church and share the gospel. We may have former members join us and allow us to teach, encourage, and to invite them back. We may
not preach a “resurrection” sermon, but we might craft a
lesson that covers each point of God’s plan of salvation, taking advantage of an auditorium filled to capacity. But this
year, most pews will be empty.

We long to assemble with our brothers and sisters in
Christ once again. We look forward to the day when we can
see smiling faces during our singing, bowed heads during
the Lord’s Supper, thoughtful furrowed brows during Bible
study, and even tearful repentance during the invitation
song. But this week, most pews will be empty.

God’s plan for the church is perfect, and by God’s design, we worship together on the first day of every week. This year reminds me of how difficult it must be to live a life filled with spiritual hope when only choosing to attend only once or twice a year. I am more thankful for God’s design, God’s plan, and God’s love for each one of us than I have ever been before, even though this year, most pews will be empty.

Matt Langfield