Fifteen Dollars

What can you buy for fifteen dollars? It would buy two tickets to the movies for a couple to have a night out (at least for seniors). Of course that would not include refreshments. Fifteen dollars would buy about five gallons of gasoline. I guess that would get you to Hickory and back depending on your gas mileage. You might even buy a steak dinner at a reasonably-priced restaurant for fifteen dollars.

What in the world am I talking about? Just this: there is something else you can do with fifteen dollars. You can feed a family – not just one meal, not just one day – but on and on and on.

Healing Hands International has devised a wonderful plan whereby they can feed a family in third world countries perpetually for just a one-time expense of fifteen dollars. Hunger and starvation exist in those countries because of drought. You cannot even grow a garden to feed a family without rainfall; unless, of course, you irrigate. Healing Hands International is providing families with a simple irrigation system for just fifteen dollars. They teach each family how to raise enough food to feed a family of four and since the climate in those countries is always warm gardens can be grown year-round.  All a family needs is a fifteen dollar irrigation system.

Healing Hands International

455 McNally Drive

Nashville, TN  37211-3311

Or you can donate via their website:

Do you have fifteen dollars?