Five Reasons Why VBS Is Important

  1. Kids love it. VBS is just plain fun and the kids love it.  Fun is, of course, not the end goal but when kids are having fun, they are more apt to pay attention and thus learn valuable life lessons.
  1. It’s a great outreach event.  Again, when something is fun, kids are likely to invite their friends, some of whom may never have gone to church before.
  1. It is an opportunity to share the gospel of Christ.  It may be a child’s only exposure to church and the only time they hear about Jesus.
  1. It gives kids a chance to spend some time together. VBS allows kids who regularly attend services to spend some time together and continue to build relationships.
  1. It gives adults a chance to serve. VBS presents a great opportunity for adult members to spend time together and work toward the goal of sowing seeds in young hearts.

Pray for our VBS and the little ones who attend. May our efforts bless each child in that they will learn more about Jesus and grow in His word.