Have We Found Favor In The Eyes Of The Lord?

In Genesis 6, we read that Noah found favor in the eyes of the LORD (v. 8). At the time, wickedness was so great that “God was sorry that He had made man” (v.6). As God prepared to destroy the earth with the flood and cleanse the world of its wickedness, He remembered Noah, who was, “righteous” (v. 9). Noah lived in a wicked world, and yet he stood out to God.

When the day came, Noah and his family entered the ark, and God closed the door (v. 16). Noah and his family completely trusted in God’s instructions, God’s commandments, and God’s protection. No matter how labor-intensive, time-consuming, or emotionally trying it may have been, obeying God was not a question. Noah and his family were completely relying on God for their salvation.

Today, do we find favor in the eyes of the Lord? In a world that surrounds us with wickedness, do we stand out as Noah did? Do we recognize and trust in the salvation that God has offered each of us through baptism? Noah “did all that God had commanded him.” Have we?

Matt Langfield