God Will Provide

God’s word should give Christians comfort and peace beyond all comprehension (Philippians 4:7). Throughout the Bible, we read statements and promises of blessings provided to keep our hearts focused on eternity and centered on God. One of the most comforting statements is in Genesis 22:8, when Abraham tells his son, Isaac, “God will provide.”

In what was likely the most difficult moment of his life and as God tested Abraham’s faith, three words revealed how faithful Abraham was. As he and Isaac “walked on together” prepared to worship God, Isaac asked, “where is the lamb for the burnt offering?” and Abraham replied, “God will provide…” (Genesis 22:6-8).

His reply gave Isaac comfort. Isaac was concerned as they approached the place of worship. Hearing his father depend on God not only answered Isaac’s question but also alleviated some of his concerns.

His reply may have given comfort to himself. Abraham surely wrestled with what he had been commanded to do. Perhaps saying these words out loud reminded him that God is ultimately in control and that God always keeps His promises.

His reply should give us comfort today. While God will never ask us to do what He asked of Abraham, we will face many trials in our lives. We will have moments when we wrestle with and maybe even question God’s commands. We may have moments when our faith grows weak under the burden of tremendous stress or sorrow. In whatever circumstances we find ourselves, “God will provide” should remind us of God’s power and promises, giving us great comfort.

Matt Langfield