God’s Mighty Hand

Today begins a new Bible class quarter at North Main. For the next thirteen weeks, our children and teens will be studying through the book of Exodus using a lesson series titled “God’s Mighty Hand.” They and their teachers will learn and be reminded of God’s power as they study Egyptian bondage, the ten plagues, the exodus itself, and the wandering through the wilderness.

All of us are impressed by the power of God described in the Bible, but we may need to remember that God is just as powerful today. We will never witness the Red Sea parted or feel Mt. Sinai shake with God’s presence, but God is still all-powerful and active in our lives. We will never follow a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, but we should still be aware of God and be willing to follow Him wherever He leads.

Our children will learn lessons that should be powerful reminders to each one of us. During the most difficult, challenging, and discouraging moments in the lives of the Israelites, they repeatedly saw God’s mighty hand working. When the Israelites felt hopeless, aimless, and afraid, God repeatedly demonstrated His power and protection. It is wonderful to remember that the very same God works in our lives today.

Matt Langfield