Growth: God Gives the Increase

Growth is exciting, and we are excited about focusing on our 2020 theme, Growth: God Gives the Increase. While we would love to continue to increase our attendance, our focus is not on numerical growth, but on spiritual growth.

Spiritual growth is about much more than numbers; it is about our faith, our salvation and our eternity. We are intent on studying God’s word together and in our homes to grow our faith in God (Rom. 10:17).

Spiritual growth should also bring us closer together throughout the year. We will unite around what we share as Christians, which is Christ. He is our Lord, our Savior, and the gospel, which is our common salvation (1 Cor. 1). To grow spiritually, we will grow in our fellowship, our prayer and our love for one another.

The growth that we are focused on is a growth that comes only from God (Col 2:19; 1 Cor. 3:6, 7). We cannot do this on our own or by our initiative; we must instead rely heavily on God’s power, God’s wisdom, and God’s love, glorifying Him every step of the way as we diligently strive to grow.

Matt Langfield