It is fortunate that we live in a community in which much of the citizenry holds to the basic tenets of Christianity.  But at the same time we often hear well-meaning statements with which we do not agree.  Sometime ago one such statement was made to me.  It went something like this: “It really doesn’t matter what church you go to so long as you have a commitment to Jesus.”  So what are we to make of such a statement?  Can we give a hardy, “Amen” or does it contain a fundamental flaw?


First, let me say that it is a wonderful thing when anyone anywhere has a commitment to Jesus.  But then let me hasten to add that that is just the starting point.  Real commitment to Jesus will spend a life time searching the scriptures to know the way of the Lord more perfectly.  Furthermore, as we come to a better understanding of God’s word, we make changes in our personal life in order to conform more perfectly to it.  This is generally understood and accepted with regard to one’s personal life.


But the same is also true of our church life.  Since churches do differ in both doctrine and practice, it is inevitable that some people as they study the scriptures will find that the church of their forefathers or the church that first introduced them to Jesus is not adhering as closely as they should to God’s word.  What then should one do?  Certainly we should always have the courage to step out and be a part of the church that most closely adheres to the teaching of Jesus.