How Is Your Investment?

With tax season is right around the corner, the stock market regularly reaching all-time highs, and stimulus payments from our government as a normal way of life, our nation’s financial stability seems to be constantly unknown. Our physical world is filled with uncertainty, but our spiritual world should not be.

The greatest investment ever made was by the Son of God, who, in giving His life, became “the guarantee of a better covenant” (Hebrews 7:22). Christ became the sponsor, the endorsement, and the guarantee of the gospel. We may not know what will happen tomorrow, in our nation, in our economy, or our world, but we do know that the gospel can be trusted in every circumstance. We can count on God’s “better covenant” to remain for eternity because it is guaranteed by Christ’s death, by God Himself.

The verses that follow tell us that Jesus “continues forever…is able to save…always lives” and that He has been “made perfect forever” (Hebrews 7:24-28). We may care a lot or not at all about the financial world around us, but we should all care and be thankful for the perfect, eternal, soul-saving sacrifice and investment made by God in the life and death of His Son Jesus.

Matt Langfield