How Will We React?

In moments of great fear, it seems that people tend to either openly turn toward or away from God. When people experience tragedy in life, it is not difficult to imagine their calling out, “Why did God allow this?” When people encounter great trials such as a life-threatening diagnosis, it is easy to envision them falling on their knees and plunging headfirst into a life of prayer.

As faithful Christians, we need to live a life that continually prepares us to openly turn to God when trials and tragedies cross our paths. We have the word of God, the fellowship and love of the church, along with the power of prayer to help us grow a stronger and deeper faith every day. God’s word assures us in advance that trials will come and that tragedy is part of life on earth, but also that a spiritual focus is far more critical. The resources that God has given us need to be used to navigate our daily routines and prepare us for days even worse than we can imagine.

What God has given us should be used to lead us to an eternal home in heaven and prepare us for every trial, every crisis, every test, every tragedy of this physical life. Are we prepared to turn toward God?

Matt Langfield