It answers the biggest mysteries of life that so baffle humanity.

It reveals the plan of the Creator of everything.

We are accountable to it.

It tells us where we are going.

It will give us a guide we can have confidence in as we head to the future.

We should share it with as many people as we possibly can.

It is not on a par with other books; it is superior to all of them.

It teaches He disapproves of religious division.

It reveals the right way to worship Him.

We can know the truth.

We discover some great, precious and exciting truths and promises.

The New Testament church is eternally important.

We should read and study it faithfully.


Investigate the Bible. God’s Word is not afraid of investigation.  It has been more scrutinized than any other book ever written, and it still stands.  It is a foundation we can confidently build our lives upon.  Have you been in the Book of books today?

Neal Pollard