I’m in the Lord’s Army!

Today we are excited to begin a new Bible class quarter as our children’s classes begin a study titled “I’m in the Lord’s Army!” This phrase is likely familiar to us as part of a song that our children sing in Bible classes or during vacation Bible school, but the meaning is critically important to all of us.

“I’m in the Lord’s Army!” means that I belong to God. It means that I am on God’s side and serve Him alone. It means that God knows me, God cares about me, and He cares for me.

“I’m in the Lord’s Army!” means that I choose to follow God’s commands. If God leads me and leads the army that I am a part of, I obey His every instruction. Like a soldier will obey his commanding officer, I will obey God.

“I’m in the Lord’s Army!” means that I will follow no one else. There is no better army to be a part of than God’s, and if I choose to follow Him, I choose to follow only Him.

For the next several weeks, our children will be learning more about what it means to obey, serve, and follow God. Please pray that they will all one day choose to be a faithful part of the Lord’s army.

Matt Langfield