Jesus, the Bible, and the Church

Every night as my children and I say our prayers together, my five-year-old son includes the words “Thank you for Jesus, and the Bible, and the church.” While I know he does not fully understand his prayer; it always reminds me of three wonderful things for which we should be thankful.

Jesus – Jesus left heaven and gave His sinless life on the cross. He paid the price for my sins and was willing to do that because of His love for me. He was the perfect example and sacrifice. We should be thankful for Jesus every day.

The Bible – The Bible is the word of God which perfectly describes God’s power, promises, and plan of salvation. God gave us the Bible so that we could trust Him, obey Him, and ultimately live for eternity in heaven with Him. Without God’s word, we could not be saved. Therefore, we should be thankful for the Bible every day.

The Church – The church is the body of Christ which we are only added to by the Lord Himself. When a person is baptized into Christ, that person becomes a member of His body. God intends for the church to be a source of spiritual encouragement and fellowship. We worship and study, do the Lord’s work, and share in God’s love. While being a church member may seem routine at times, we should be thankful for the church every day.

Matt Langfield