Justification is the result of being justified and is a critical part of Christianity. To be spiritually justified is not to be found innocent of sin, but because the necessary penalty of our sins is paid, we stand in peace before God.

There is a lot of confusion and error taught around us on this important topic, but briefly consider the following:

Justification required Christ’s death. When Christ died a sinless death on the cross, He paid the penalty due. Because of our sins and because God raised Him from the grave, we can come out of the waters of baptism to walk “in newness of life” (Romans 4:25; 6:4)

Justification requires our faith and our obedience. Paul wrote that we have “been justified by faith” (Romans 5:1), but our faith cannot be separated from our obedience. Merely believing in God did not result in the forgiveness of Paul’s sins (Acts 22:16), and throughout God’s word, we see the necessity of repentance and baptism, both acts of faithful obedience.

Justification results in our peace with God. We must not underestimate the spiritual damage caused by our sin. Our sins put us in conflict with God; however, by His grace, through the death of His Son, by our willing and faithful obedience to His Word, we are once again at peace with God.

 Matt Langfield