“Knit Together In Love”

I hope you have experienced and recognized the love of the church in your life. As Christians, we are more than just members of a club, group, or social organization. As Christians, we are individually members of the body of Christ, and as such, we are connected and joined in a very special way. According to Colossians 2, because we share in God’s love and the knowledge of Christ, we are “knit together in love.”

Knitting can cause a length of yarn to become a sweater. Yarn is twisted, looped, and tied to create something far greater than it was in its original state. When complete, it becomes nearly impossible to unravel or to even find where the yarn began. A well-knitted sweater would never be described as “yarn” as it has become something more.

In Colossians 2:2, Paul shares his desire for Christians to “be encouraged having been knit together in love.” Christian love is what we share and is what should pull us through even the most difficult times in our lives. Because of Christ, His love for us, and our submission to His commands, we are connected, encouraged, and loved in a way that no other group of people can be.

Matt Langfield