Let’s Do Some Math

It is remarkable to see the dedication of early Christians. They kept their faith through physical persecutions, even to the point of death, because of their dedication to God, Christ, and the church. A dedicated person is one who is “devoted to a task or purpose, having a single-minded loyalty.”

Are we dedicated today? We may quickly answer, “Yes!” but are we? Are we “devoted” and do we have a “single-minded loyalty” when it comes to our faith? If truly dedicated to God, Christ, and the church, then there is nothing that comes before these. Can we do that math?

Are we dedicated today? Again, we may quickly answer, “Yes!” but are we? Upon construction of a new church or public building, a dedication will often take place during which that entire building is ceremonially committed to its intended purpose. If we have dedicated ourselves to our faith, every part of us is committed to that purpose. As individuals we will give everything we have: our lives, our resources, our minds, and our hearts. Can we do that math? Do we give everything (100%) for our faith?

If we are 60%, 75%, or even 90% committed to this cause, are we truly dedicated at all?

Matt Langfield