Making A Statement

Several years ago when I was preaching in Pennsylvania, a man visited our services. Later as I visited with him, he told me that one reason he came to our services was because every Sunday when he drove by our building the parking lot was full. Every car in that parking lot helped make a statement to that stranger. Later I baptized him for the remission of sins.


I once saw this story in Pulpit Helps: A little old man was seen every Sunday morning walking to church. He was deaf – he could not hear a word of the sermon or the hymns sung by the congregation. When a scoffer asked, “Why do you spend your Sundays in that church when you can’t hear a word?” He replied, “I want my neighbors to know which side I’m on!”


We do make a statement by our attendance to worship. If your friends and neighbors see you going to worship God every Sunday, they will know where you stand. Furthermore, if they see you going on Sunday and Wednesday evenings, they will know that you take your religion seriously.