The meadow jumping mouse has made it to the status of “endangered” and is now protected by the Federal Endangered Species Act. Cattle have more limited water and grazing access so that the mice’s habitat can be protected. Meanwhile, a local politician is excoriated for his stand against abortion. He is cast as an “anti-abortion radical” and one known for “his steadfast efforts to restrict women’s control over their lives”.

What would our forebears think of passing federal mandates to protect rodents while protesting against one trying to afford protection for eternal beings made in the image of God? If we could travel back further in time and show these headlines to a prophet, apostle, or Jesus Himself, what would their reaction be? Might they respond, “I was known by God from my mother’s womb, sanctified and ordained by Him for a specific job.” Or say of himself, “Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed.”

Everyone has a moral compass. It is incredible to see how improperly calibrated many such compasses are. In Canada, a pilot attempting to land amid clouds crashed, killing himself, his co-pilot, and ten passengers, in part due to a malfunctioning compass. His co-pilot pleaded with him to climb to a safer altitude before trying the landing. The last words on record belonged to the pilot, who said, “Go-around thrust!” a split second before the crash.  He hardly had time to realize that he was misguided before his life ended.

Many will find out only too late their moral compass misguided their course in life!  Our work is to help them see the direction God tells them to go.  Only when their hearts, are aligned with THE moral compass of the Bible will they be able to look at matters, big and small, and make rational, common sense decisions. May God continue His forbearance with us as we try to repair the compass.

Neal Pollard