The “Mommy and Me” Bible class and devotional met Thursday for the first time. It is off to a very good start. There were six mothers present with their children. In addition to the six younger children with their moms in the devotional led by Brooke, there were two older siblings in a separate activity led by Karen Anderson. Also after the devotional the group shared a fine lunch together.

Thanks to Brooke for all the good work she has done in developing this program. Also thanks to Karen and Jessica for the part they played in making this first day such a success. Thanks to Jimmy Snow for all the good work he did in getting the house in such fine condition. I know that there were lots of others who helped get this program underway, so thanks to all.

Remember, the “Mommy and Me” Bible class and devotional will be held each Thursday from 10:30 am to 11:30 am. This class is geared towards children 0-18 months but there will be an activity each week for older siblings as well. Lunch will be provided the first class each month. For information call 803-517-3018.