Motherhood: No Miracles Necessary

The Bible holds several examples of wonderful

  • Jochebed, the mother of Moses, went to great lengths to provide for his safety during a dangerous time.
  • Hanna faithfully prayed to God, kept her promise, and returned Samuel to the temple where he began a lifetime of service.
  • Elizabeth obeyed God and named her son John (John the Baptist) against the expectations of neighbors and relatives.
  • Eunice and Lois, mother and grandmother of Timothy, taught him the holy scriptures from an early age.

All of these women provide examples of caring, prayerful, obedient, and spiritually nurturing mothers. Their children would become special servants of God who, by God’s miraculous power, would stand before kings, free and lead God’s people, and provide inspired teachings.

As important as these women were, there is no indication that God gave them miraculous abilities to raise their children in a godly way. Instead, by God’s perfect design, they chose to do what any mother should. God designed the role of mothers to be powerful and influential enough to raise children who would love Him, obey Him, and live a life for Him…not by miraculous power or guidance, but by merely being a mother.

Matt Langfield