No One Taught Like Jesus

Jesus was the Master Teacher. In Matthew 7, He taught “as one having authority,” and His teaching “amazed” the crowds of people (Matthew 7:28-29). In John 7, even His enemies said, “Never has a man spoken the way this man speaks” (John 7:46). His message and method were unique, perfect, and better than anything the world had seen or heard.

His message was the good news of the gospel, and He preached of a spiritual kingdom to come (Matthew 4:23). Jesus taught that men and women from every nation could have their sins washed away and spend eternity in heaven (Mark 16:15-16). His life perfectly demonstrated this message of good news. His death on the cross was humbly obedient to God’s eternal plan. His resurrection from the tomb boldly confirmed this truth.

His method considered several factors. Each sermon He preached was perfectly intended, spoken, and delivered. With every conversation, response, or answer, Jesus directly and precisely hit the mark. Jesus was able to talk about heaven as one who had been there (John 3:13), able to describe God’s love and forgiveness as God Himself (Luke 7:40-50), and able to teach about eternity as one who had always been (John 8:58).

Jesus left us a perfect example for every teacher and sharer of God’s word to examine and strive to follow.

Matt Langfield