Overcoming Fear

In the book of Ezra, we read as God’s people return to Jerusalem, rebuild the temple, and resume their worship of God. While it is an account filled with hope and obedience, it also describes a people who triumphantly overcome fear.

As they rebuild the altar for worship, the text tells us that God’s people “were terrified because of the peoples of the lands…” (Ezra 3:2-3). As the reconstruction of the temple continues, the enemies of God’s people “discouraged” them and “frightened them from building” (Ezra 4:1-4). The Israelites were scared for their lives by enemies that surrounded them, but ultimately, we read that the “temple was completed” (Ezra 6:15).

Overcoming fear can be a great challenge in life. By God’s design, fear can keep us safe, but by the devil’s design, fear can also keep us away from God. What would have happened if the Israelites had submitted to their fear instead of God?

You and I will never be tasked with rebuilding a temple, but fear can still threaten our relationship and our worship of God. Regardless of the threats to our faith or the dangers in the world around us, we have an obligation to worship God according to His word, trust God according to His plan, and live for God according to the perfect example and teachings of Christ.

Matt Lagfield