Paul’s Love for Corinth

As Paul’s 2nd letter to the Corinthian church comes to a close, his love for the members of that congregation becomes undeniable. In the first several verses, he gives important closing instructions and then provides three beautiful statements that show just how sincere his love truly is.

First, Paul writes, “We pray to God that you do no wrong” (13:7). Paul’s sincerity is clear in that he spends time in personal prayer for the souls of the Corinthians.

Second, Paul writes, “We rejoice when…you are strong” (13:9). Paul rejoices, or overflows with joy, at the spiritual strength and building up of these brothers and sisters in Christ.

Third, Paul writes, “We pray that you be made complete” (13:9). Perhaps more than anything else, Paul prays that these Christians continue to mature in their faith.

Are we following Paul’s example today? Are we spending time in personal prayer, considering the spiritual strength and maturity of others in addition to rejoicing in their spiritual victories? Not only should we pray with the loving attitude of Paul, but we should also tell others when they are the object of our prayers. Imagine how strong the Lord’s church would be if each of us prayed for one another as Paul prayed for the Corinthians.

 Matt Langfield