Pewaukee’s  Dress  Code

Pewaukee is a small city in Wisconsin that was recently in the news for a decision that resulted in a media tidal wave after the school required “all ‘dress-wearing’ students to send photos of their attire before they can buy tickets to the homecoming dance”. One mother complained, “The girls are essentially being held responsible for the wayward thoughts (administrators) think boys have”. The school superintendent said “girls forced the district to impose the pre-dance check by pushing the boundaries of appropriate attire”.

Pewaukee High School has boundaries about clothing. Parents, have you taken the time to consider what that is for yourselves and for your children? When Paul speaks to women about clothing and uses such words as “proper,” “modestly,” and “discreetly” (1 Tim. 2:9), have you thought about what that will mean within your family? We have such a golden opportunity as stewards of influence, godliness, purity, and modesty. The world benefits from distinctive Christian living that reflects itself in a variety of ways, including modesty. “Dress code” is a phrase often used in a pejorative, contemptible way, but all of us have one. May ours reveal a thoughtful premeditation toward reflecting the glory of our wonderful Redeemer.

Neal Pollard