Pursue Peace

One of the most challenging instructions found in God’s word is Hebrews 12:14, “Pursue peace with all men…” As we strive to live as faithful and obedient Christians while surrounded by a sharply divided political, cultural, and moral climate, this charge has become as critical as ever before.

Christians have a responsibility, given to them by God, to actively “pursue” peace. We should be striving for and chasing after a peaceful life and peaceful relationships. A Christian who follows this instruction does not take advantage of an opportunity to offend, hurt, belittle, or incite others.

Christians have a responsibility, given to them by God, to seek peace “with all men.” No one can be excluded from our pursuit. In our culture, it may be easy, or even enjoyable for some, to start, fuel, or jump into arguments nearly anonymously through social media. Whether others agree or disagree with our religious, political, or moral views, our charge and responsibility do not change.

Christians have a perfect example to follow. We are not commanded or instructed to do anything that Christ Himself has not already done. Consider how difficult it must have been to “pursue peace” with the angry mob, with the Roman soldiers, with the crowds hurling insults from the ground as they passed by, or with the criminals who mocked Him from either side.

Matt Langfield

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