Queen Anne’s Lace: Weed, Flower, or Savior?

To some, queen anne’s lace is considered a weed. To others, it is a flower of some beauty that may be plucked and placed in a vase to admire. To spiritualists, mystics, shamans, and such, it provides protection and bequeaths fulfillment of dreams. The following is from a spiritualist: When this common flower “shows itself to you”,  the “white fluffy petals cascade like an umbrella bringing safety like the wings of an angel and spreading out like a dreamcatcher.” According to this spiritualist, if one meditates with this flower in hand, angelic protection and success will follow.

Christians can dispute whether or not queen anne’s lace is a weed or a flower, but there is no dispute about the great number of people, like the aforementioned spiritualist, desperately trying to fill a void in their lives. Nature cannot do it. Mystic feelings about flowers cannot do it. Flower symbolism cannot do it. Only our Lord Christ Jesus can do it! Tell the wayward, lost, and searching about the One who truly provides safety, help, and salvation.

C. Brown