Read – Reading is something we learn very early in school. Starting with the alphabet we progress as far as our natural ability and opportunity will take us. This enables us to read the Bible and thereby know God’s will for our life.


Study – Studying is something else we learn at school which is a step beyond just reading. It implies a little more work. Study involves an effort to remember. When you study for a test in school, you not only read but make a conscience effort to remember. In like manner when we read the Bible it is important that we make an effort to remember what we have read. Study also involves an effort to understand. In order to understand we may have to stop and look up something. We may need to ask some questions such as: Who? What? When? Why?


Meditate – Meditation is something you probably did not learn at school. It can be a step beyond both reading and studying. It means to stop and think about it. Contemplate. Ask what does this mean for me? How should it affect my life? The Psalmist pronounced a blessing upon the man who meditates upon God’s law (Psalm 1).


Let’s be sure to READ, STUDY & MEDITATE on God’s word.