Seniors Bible CLass

We are beginning a Seniors Bible Class with an emphasis on evangelism. I would like to meet with all who are interested in participating on Tuesday morning September 18 at 10am – 11am. This will be a planning meeting in which we will discuss our individual ways of making the class a success: 1- We will talk about what we can do in order to bring visitors. One or two have already expressed an interested in door knocking. For those who are not comfortable or able to door knock there will be other suggestions 2- We will talk about how each of us can participate both during the class and during the period following the class 3- We will also talk about follow up – both who should follow up and how it is to be done.


The class itself will be on Tuesdays 10am–11am on September 25 and run for eight weeks until November 13. While the class is called a Seniors Bible Class anyone is welcome to participate. We just recognized that for the most part seniors are the only ones available during the day.


The class will be confrontational but we are to be very careful that we are not. Sounds like a contradiction. How is it possible to have a class that both confronts and challenges people’s religious thinking and at the same time not be confrontational ourselves? Well, it could be tricky but here’s how: We are going to let the words of Jesus and the apostles confront the status quo. We will point out the words of Jesus and let the class elicit the meaning then raise the question of how that relates to some current religion belief or practice.