Sisters, Servants and Soldiers

Sheila Butt, who spoke at our recent Ladies Day, shared information about a women’s ministry she founded called “Sisters, Servants and Soldiers.” I wanted to share the information for those ladies who were unable to attend.

“Sisters, Servants, Soldiers” is a dynamic ministry that co-ordinates, facilitates and supports the Biblical teaching of women teaching other women in the United States and foreign countries. The ministry emphasizes personal spiritual growth, the need for teaching new converts, the need for teaching preacher’s wives and the need for abundant use of the God-given talents of women for the growth of the Lord’s Church. The ministry mobilizes and supports women to teach in mission fields both at home and abroad, at our schools of Biblical studies and preacher training schools (wives’ and women’s classes) throughout the world and motivates and supports women to teach in Lectureships, Ladies’ Days and Seminars.

For anyone wishing to learn more or to find opportunities to serve, visit the SSS website at: