Some Good News




We had a very good gospel meeting this year. I trust that all were help and encouraged. Ken brought us some fine and challenging messages. Attendance was good. I believe this was one of the best attended meeting we have had in a long time.


Isn’t it great that Paul Davenport was baptized into Christ. Congratulations, Paul. I started thinking about how many young men and ladies have grown up at North Main and made the decision to be a Christian. Think of the impact they have had and will continue to have in the Lord’s church throughout the world.


One thing that helped make our gospel meeting a success is the support of our sister congregations. Let’s not forget their gospel meetings but be as supportive of them as they have been of us.


The first issue of House to House/Heart to Heart in our community is schedule to come out this month. It will go to 1000+ residents. Pray that it will be well received and bring forth good fruit.