Some Lamentable Activities

The following parody by an unknown author lists some lamentable activities that occur in the Lord’s church. If any of the listed activities hit a nerve, perhaps it’s time to look at our commitment to the Lord and His church.


One function of the church bulletin is to inform members of congregational activities. However, there are lamentable activities about which the bulletin can make no announcements. But what if it did so? It might read like this:


“Brother and Sister Grumpy hurriedly leave services every morning just as the last ‘amen’ is said. They refuse to meet anyone, but complain about the unfriendliness of the church.”


“Brother and Sister I.M. Slipping were present last Sunday. It has been something like four months since they last attended.”


“Brother and Sister N. E. Glect have never attended Bible classes. They are anxious, however, to know more about the Bible and its wonderful message.”


“The Tar Dee family arrived just in time for the second prayer. This was a little earlier than they usually arrive.”


“Brother and Sister T.V. Gazer and children reported a fine family type program on TV last Wednesday evening. Other saints were assembled for Bible study and missed the show.”


Church bulletins do not report on such activities, but our Lord knows all these things about Christians and it will be reckoned to them at the last judgment (Romans 14:10-12; 2 Corinthians 5:10).

Mike Riley